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We gratefully welcome your contributions to the future development of the Institute for Peace in the following ways:

1. Conducting more research about brain function and human behavior and changing the pattern of and individual's negative thinking to positive thinking and utilizing their potential, attention and energy and divert them to constructive and meaningful things such as arts and crafts, music, dance, and sports in life.

2. Sharing knowledge and experience with individuals and organizations to use least restrictive approach and effective methods to create harmony and productivity in the work environment.

3. Educating people by using technology and media and training them through on-line courses to develop skills in the methods of non-violence.

4. Collaborating with different organizations to work together for a common goal to remove pain and suffering from human lives and create World Peace.

5. Conducting workshops and seminars in schools/colleges, government and private organizations, prison, mental health system and crisis shelter to increase spiritual awareness, morale and teamwork among students, employees, supervisors, leaders, inmates and mental health patients.

6. Teaching individuals to develop self-control and self-management methods and techniques to deal effectively with tough and aggressive people in a non-violent manner.

7. Sharing information with members and public about positive changes happening around the world through non-violent and peace movements and the initiatives taken by the United Nations to protect human rights, prevent poverty, mental illnesses, and violence.

8. Publishing newsletters, books and inspirational songs to empower families, faith based organizations, educational and mental health institutions and business organizations to create a safe environment and peaceful living.

9. Organizing lectures by inspirational leaders, professors, spiritual, social and political leaders, mental health professionals and nutrition experts, and planning peace march and international conferences to bring people together from all faiths, paths and countries, and training them to use a non-violent approach and encouraging them to express their concerns, needs and feelings regarding discrimination and injustice in a non-violent and peaceful manner

10. Signifying your interest in maintaining contact with the Institute and receiving periodic reports on developments of the Institute.

Financial contributions to Gandhi International Institute for Peace is tax exempt as authorized under section 501(c)3 of the United states Internal Revenue Code. Contributions will be assigned equally to endowment and operations, unless designated by the benefactor.

All funds will be used to ship donated items and for financial aid to New Delhi and the states of Goa, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh.
1 Dr Barbara Melamed $500
2 Roger Epstein $150
3 Dr Bikram Sachdev $100
1 Dr Birendra S Huja $300
2 Diane Peters Nguyen $250
3 Pad Vyas $250
4 Dr Raj Kumar $200
5 Charlene M Sylva $200
6 Dr R Shanahan $200
7 Harendra Pannalal $300
8 Dr Barbara Melamed $750
9 Dr Terry Shintani $100
10 Dr. Bikram Sachdev $100
11 Jeanne E Nakashima $100
12 Dr Marc Gilbert $250
13 Ruth M Kobelansky $100
14 Debbie Young $150
15 Lorraine T. Sakaguchi $75
16 Wallen B. Ellingson $50
1 Patrick Vyas, CPA, Inc. $500
2 Dhakad Associates Inc. $400
3 Dr. Krishna Kumar $251
4 Debbie Young $200
5 Honpa Hongwanji Mission of HI $200
6 Dr. Marc Gilbert $150
7 Dr. Barbara Melamed $150
8 Network for Good $150
9 Open Space Yoga $150
10 Wallen Ellingson $100
11 Ron Reddick $100
12 Dr. Terry Shintani $100
13 Educational Advancement Fund Int., Hawaii $100
14 Harendra Pannalal $100
15 Joanne Tachibana $100
16 Raj Kumar $100
17 Lorraine Sakaguchi $60
18 Dr. Bikram Sahdev $50
1 Down to Earth $1000
2 Patrick Vyas, CPA, Inc. $500
3 Roger Epstein $300
4 Debbie Young, Rekator $250
5 Veda Das $200
6 Ronald Reddick $200
7 Mark J Gilbert $200
8 Still and Moving Center $157
9 Harendra Pannalal $150
10 Open Space Yoga $150
11 Wallen B. Ellingson $150
12 Dr. Bikram Sahdev $200
13 Dr. David Randall $50
14 Mohammed J. Rumi $50
15 Yoga Hawaii Inc. $50
16 Hawaii School of Yoga $49